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On foot or by bicycle is always nice to drive around the city in this way are guaranteed the peace and quiet. Relax enjoying the sunset along the dam Nazario Sauro, or chat sitting in one of the bars of the island.

Guided Tours

If desired, you can also hire a local guide who can lead you along the most secret paths providing also many natural and historical news.

Chiesa Sant'Eufemia

Basilica di S. Eufemia (a 2-minute walk from the hotel)

The Basilica of St. Eufemia in Grado is in the sixth century, on the site where once a smaller basilica dating from the fourth century. The reconstruction of the Church was in the heyday of the city, when it was the seat of the Patriarchate of Aquileia. The church has a basilica plan with three naves, with an external structure made of simple brick, but inside that contains the most precious decorations. The first thing that stands out is the splendid colonnade, with capitals and columns decorated differently; the floor has a beautifully preserved mosaics, with geometric decorations and religious originals of the sixth century; has been preserved so well the decoration of the apse, with a fresco representing Christ in almond with four saints; the presbytery is enclosed by finely carved marble screens, while the apse is the precious Pala d'Oro; Finally, the ambo, the old pulpit, is striking for its refined shape with columns and curves, and the bright colors of the dome. Outside the visit continues with the ancient baptistery of the fifth century octagonal bell tower of the fifteenth century Venetian style, and finally the rich Lapidarium, archaeological museum of the Basilica, which houses the archaeological remains found in the area around the Basilica . The Lapidarium you visit for free, such as the church and the baptistery, from 8 to 19.


Grado and Old Town (a few walk from hotel)

The old town of Grado is a charming place that combines archeology, history and the pleasures of a seaside resort. The origin of Grade dates back to 452, when the inhabitants of Aquileia fled there to escape from Attila and the Huns. The Roman origin of the city is known mainly in the old town, where you can visit the two churches of St. Eufemia and Santa Maria delle Grazie, and the remains of the Basilica of the Court. The next Venetian influence is visible in the same part of history, where the Roman churches are surrounded by old houses in Venice, and also the place names changes the names of streets and squares in the streets and fields. Even the Austro-Hungarian Empire is clearly visible in the city: the historic area and leaving the port to head for the beaches, you will come across numerous Art Nouveau villas built by the Austrian nobility. Degree is called the Island of the Sun to its favorable location, the island is in fact arranged horizontally, so in summer the sun moves from left to right, keeping the whole island under constant sunlight ..

Santa Maria delle Grazie

Basilica Santa Maria delle Grazie (a 2 minuts walk from hotel)

A few meters from the Basilica of St. Euphemia, the Patriarch Elijah built in the sixth century a second Basilica, smaller than the first. Santa Maria delle Grazie is a small Romanesque church with a square plan with three aisles; the exterior is made up of simple facing bricks, while inside the marble columns with splendid Corinthian capitals finely embellish the environment. The flooring of the aisles is lower than one meter, in order to show the remains of the mosaic decoration of the church of the fifth century, which was built on the basis of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Admission is free, from 8 to 19.

Basilica della corte

Basilica della Corte (at 25 minuts walk from hotel)

At the center of Piazza Biagio Marin Grado point between the old town and the modern part, you can see the remains of the oldest church in the place: the Basilica of the Court, dating from the fourth century. The remains have come to light in 1902, thanks to the restoration of the square; now you can see whether mosaic floor with geometric designs and names, some sarcophagi and the walls that marked the building plan. The area has recently been made available thanks to the catwalks in glass rods of stainless that allow better visibility and create a perfect union between ancient and modern. A few meters from here, the paving of the square emphasizes the point where there was the baptistery of the Basilica, thanks to a perimeter made of white stone showing the octagonal and the semicircular apse of the Baptistery. The lighting at night makes the place very charming.

Isola della Cona

Natural Reserve of Isola della Cona (reach by car or bike)

Between the municipalities of Staranzano, San Canzian d Isonzo, Grado and Fiumicello, it is a nature reserve of incomparable beauty, though still little known. It is the island of Cona, the nature reserve of the mouth of the Isonzo. Here you can admire the beautiful Camargue horses, as well as numerous species of birds. Percorrer you walk a path that leads into the reserve, without disturbing the animals, which can be observed and photographed through special joints made in some wooden houses placed along the route. In some of them there are also didactic explanations about the flora and fauna in different natural environments. The reserve covers an area of 2,400 hectares and has numerous accommodation facilities, none of which are too invasive: there are a bar, a shop, a haven hiking and much more, as well as numerous initiatives and educational workshops for children and schools .

La Brocca e cose

Find a Souvenir

If you are looking for a particular shop a little bit, if you make a gift different from the usual souvenirs, or if you just want to visit an unusual place ... you should definitely go to The Broken Jug! The plaque reads "Books and Things", perhaps because it was really difficult to summarize in a few words the amount of items that can be found here: books and prints to begin with, and then jewelry, home accessories, ornaments, tea sets , more particularly the furniture, the eccentric bicycle vases ... Lose yourself in the charm of this little shop, which resembles a little bit the grandmother's attic and a vintage shop together. Enjoy your visit!

Spiaggia paludosa

Grado Pineta (about 25 minuts walk from hotel or by public buses)

Besides comfortable beaches that are located towards the center of the city, Grado also offers a different experience: toward the Pineta, a long stretch of beach gets wild and swampy, and then re-equipped in the area of camping and apartments. The beach-swamp shows a completely different landscape: it is so wet that sometimes sinking with his feet, there are unexpected grassy areas, gulls in the eye ... and seekers from shellfish share out the best areas! The stretch of beach is connected with the bike path that follows the whole island.